5 Really Good Reasons to Rent A Tent in Wyoming

#1 – Rain

Let’s get this one out of the way first. Of course tents are ideal for outdoor events because they protect you and your guests from getting soaked. Not to mention all your tables, food, drinks, electronics, and decorations.


It’s probably safe to say that about half of our tent customers experience rainy weather during their event. We provide tents May through October and there is no “dry time” to plan an event – every month there’s the chance of rain.

But whether it just drizzles for an hour or downpours for the entire day, a tent customer’s party continues on without a hitch, because the tent keeps everything under it dry.

TRUE STORY – We had a customer who rented a large pole tent for their family reunion in Wheatland in 2016. The tent was originally intended only for meals, so that 100+ extended family members could all eat together in one space. But during the week it rained and hailed every afternoon from 3-5 pm, so the tent became the central location for everyone’s late afternoon activities. Through a week of rain and hail storms it kept everyone and everything under it dry.

But rain is NOT the only reason to have a tent at your outdoor event!

#2 – Wind

A tent with walls will protect your tables, linens, flowers, and guests from large gusts and from most blowing dust and dirt. If you’ve ever tried having a picnic in the wind, you know that it’s… no picnic. A tent can go a long way in making wind less of a problem.

may 2016 wedding tent tables chairs lighting

TRUE STORY – Almost every location where we set up in Wyoming has at least 15 mph gusts in the summer. In some locations, gusts topping 60 mph are not out of the norm. One of our customers held their wedding reception in one of our large frame tents that we erected on her ranch’s expansive grazing pastures. The wind was relentless from the moment we arrived to set up to the time we took it down two days later. Inside the tent, however, the wind was only noticeable from the walls that would sway in a out a few inches. The party under the tent went on without a problem. Napkins stayed on tables, dirt stayed out of guests’ eyes, and the cowboys only had to hold on to their hats when they stepped outside.

#3 – Sun

You may luck out and get a 100% sunny, calm day for your outdoor event but if it’s between June 1 – September 30 in Wyoming, that sun can quickly go from friend to enemy.

ranch tent wyoming

Our high elevations and thinner atmosphere make hot, sunny days both uncomfortable and dangerous due to UV exposure. Walking on a sunny day is pleasant, but try sitting in one place under the glaring sun. It’s hard to last long (especially if you’re dressed in party clothes!). Don’t make your guests dine under a glaring sun. A tent will block 100% of UV rays under the canopy and the temperatures under the tent will be 10-20 degrees cooler than outside. In the photo above, our customer knew that her guests would be exposed to day-long sunshine without a tent, with temps reaching over 85-degrees.  For the comfort of everyone involved, she made the wise decision to rent a tent!

TRUE STORY – In 2015, a couple contacted us about an event they were planning in the mountains outside Woods Landing in late September. They were worried about snow and wanted a tent in case their party got caught in an early autumn storm. We installed the tent and they had record highs that weekend, a true Indian Summer. With little shade and no buildings near, the tent was the only shelter that offered shade for guests. The couple said it allowed many of their elderly guests to stay and enjoy the entire day, as they could cool off in the shade of the canopy.

#4 – Controlling Your Outdoor Event Space

An open outdoor area doesn’t tend to feel “intimate” with just furniture. The canopy of a tent creates a dedicated space for your event, with framework for lighting, the ability to designate certain areas for different activities (dancing, alcohol serving, reserved seating, etc.), and the privacy that comes with being under a structure, even if walls are not used.

tailgating tent football tent beer tent

TRUE STORY – We provide small tailgating tents for many individuals and companies during the University of Wyoming’s football season. These tents are great in case the weather turns stormy, but one of the main appeals is that it allows our customers to bring in kegs, food, and other items that they need to keep under their control in the large crowds and busy foot traffic that is Tailgate Park on game days. You can use tables in a tent to segregate coolers or to restrict access to certain areas.

#5 – Decorating Your Outdoor Event Space

Overhead lighting! Paper flags! Bunting! Crepe flowers! Paper lanterns! Café lights!

40x60 tent alice hardie stevens center

Decorating an open outdoor space isn’t impossible, but it’s a lot easier with a lot more bang-for-your-buck to decorate the interior of a pristine, white tent. Eighteen-foot sweeping ceilings allow for dramatic possibilities for lighting, draping, and other décor. With tent walls, these décor items are protected from most wind gusts and the white interior reflects light, making your space brighter after sundown.