Are We the Right Tent Vendor for You?

When it comes to tent rentals, a “one size fits all” approach to customer service is not the best approach. There are all kinds of events, in all kinds of sizes, and it is unrealistic to expect one company to effectively cater to all.

If you need a tent for a wedding or other outdoor gathering, you deserve a vendor who is aligned with your goals for the event. Even in a small market like  Wyoming, you can still choose a vendor based on more factors than simply price & availability.

We Guarantee Every Rental

Once your reservation is made, your order is guaranteed and our job is to make sure you have the best rental experience possible. We take this seriously! This means figuring out from the start if we’re right for you.

Part of our customer-focused guarantee is that we will never cancel all or part of your order (did you know that some rental companies will overbook and cancel customers’ order close to their event dates? We will NEVER do this to our customers!). We deliver and install quality items and work hard to ensure our inventory is always in great condition. If something arrives broken or otherwise unusable, we ensure you have a replacement – on our dime – before your event starts.

Not all rental companies offer this guarantee – it takes a lot of time, hard work, and expense on our end to ensure we can fulfill every order on time and in quality condition. We get several calls a year from frantic people who had booked with a different rental company, only to be told a week before their event that their reservation will not be honored due to overbooking, damaged inventory, or understaffing. We NEVER have and NEVER will do this to our customers!

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We choose to work with customers who meet the following criteria:

  1. Event takes place in Southern or Central Wyoming
  2. Event will host 350 guests or less.
  3. Our inventory & service selection aligns with the customer’s budget and expectations for their event.

You Fit Our Criteria, Do We Fit Yours?

In addition to focusing on events of a certain size in certain locations in Wyoming, we have some other unique rental practices and policies, all in place to ensure we can provide our customers with a safe & quality rental experience. These policies may not suit your specific needs, however, so we make customers aware of them up-front, before any order is finalized.

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We Do Not Compromise on Safety, Period

This is not to say that other vendors do! But ensuring the safety of our crew, the safety of our customers and their guests, and the safety of the venue is a very demanding process that begins well before any contracts are signed.

Tents are large, temporary structures that can be far larger than the houses most people live in. They are engineered to be extremely safe in most conditions, but only if installed correctly. Securing a tent safely often (often) creates challenges and obstacles that many customers and venues to do not want to deal with.

We will not cut corners on safety and we will require that our customers and venues adhere to all of safety protocols and policies outlined in our rental agreements. These include:

We must be familiar with the tent site location and footprint prior to confirming the reservation. This means that if we have not worked at your event venue before, we will require a site visit with you before you can reserve your items.

Tents over 600 square feet must be secured with stakes.

If a site location seems unsafe or presents complications that would put my crew and/or your guests at risk, we will not accept the order. We may offer alternate location suggestions, but ultimately where you want the tent may not be where we are willing to put the tent.

We will order a line-locate prior to staking your tent. By law, we will not stake any tent without a line-locate performed around one week prior to install. This may involve locators spray-painting and flagging the ground with brightly colored spray paint.

We square our tents. This involves our crew placing white flags and spraying white marks on the ground with landscape-friendly spray paint.

We require property owners to mark private utility lines and sprinkler lines.

We adhere to city fire code and occupancy numbers on tents. We will not rent you a tent within city limits that is smaller than your occupancy requires.

We require 24/7 access to tents while they are up.

We always try to honor your desires for walls, wall placement, interior layout, and other tent details but we have the ultimate say on how walls and other tent features are placed and used. 

We do not allow customers to attach anything to any part of the tent (although our crew will hang things for you).

We require the rental of a lighting package if the tent will be used after 7:00 pm.

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Our Rental Policies

We also have some unique rental policies that may not be right for your situation. These policies help us best manage our inventory through Wyoming’s short outdoor event season. They include:

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit at the time of your reservation. Once your order is placed, we immediately remove your items from our available inventory for that date and schedule crew. Because the deposit policy is designed to help us manage our limited inventory during a short rental season, your deposit is item-specific: you cannot transfer the deposit to other items or to other dates. 

We will work with you to determine the best initial order. We have never had a customer forfeit any part of their deposit, but it is something you should consider before choosing us as your tent provider.

We require the remaining balance due to be paid before or upon delivery of your items. We will not being set-up without the final balance paid. With the exception of some pre-approved clients, this policy is non-negotiable.

We require a refundable 10% damage deposit at the time of delivery or pick-up. This is typically returned upon take-down/return of items if all terms of the rental agreement are met.

We Do Not Rent “Over the Counter”

We deliver, set-up to your specifications, and pick-up all of our rental items. If you only need two chairs, we will deliver them and offer to place them wherever you want. We do not have a storefront and even if we did, we consider the delivery & set-up of every order a way we can ensure you get the most value for your rental while also ensuring the maintenance and care of our inventory – and we pass along that savings to you.

Our Promise to You

If we are not the tent company for you – we understand! It’s all about you getting the service you want for your specific needs.

If it sounds like we might be a “good fit” for you and your event rental needs, please contact us for free consultation and bid. We promise to work with you to determine your event’s specific needs and if we continue to be the vendor for you, we will work our hardest to meet and exceed your expectations.