We rent banquet-quality linens in white, ivory, and black for all sizes of tables in full-drop lengths (will brush the floor)  and some in puddle-drop lengths (will pool at the floor).

We rent linen 17″ x 17″ square linen napkins in white, ivory, and black.

We offer a selection of metallic sequin linens in full-drop lengths in gold, champagne, silver, and rose gold.

All linen rentals include complimentary placement, if desired.  All linens will arrive pressed on hangers. If you are also renting your tables through us we will include free use of four wind-clips for every table (for outdoor events), if desired.

4 wind-clips per linen are included free of charge if you rent both your tables and linens from us.


We offer banquet chair covers in white, black, and ivory and we can help you source other colors. We also offer chair treatment like sashes, signs, and other decorative elements. All chair cover treatments & rentals include our professional installation, including the tying of chair bows (which is a lot more labor-intensive than one might think!). Please contact us for pricing.

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