Dance Floors, Staging, PA Systems


We rent an  OUTLOK dance floors in oak finish (every rental includes our professional installation) as well as custom fabricated raised pine dance floors.

A variety of sizes are available for the raised pine flooring. Pricing for the pine flooring is $3/sq ft and includes installation.

What Size Dance Floor Do You Need?

(Total Number of Guests x 50% ) x 4 sq ft = Total Dance Floor Sq Footage Needed

Example:  280 Guests x 50% = 140
140 x 4= 560 sq feet of dance floor needed

You can choose a smaller or larger dance floor than what you technically need; use the above formula for a guideline for what is considered ideal for most events. Take your guests into consideration too – if most are enthusiastic dancers, go larger. If most are “leave after dinner” types, you can go smaller.


We rent small and medium size staging for events. Our staging is built from 4′ x 6′ sections and can be configured in a number of ways. Staging skirting is included with each rental as is our professional set-up. Sets of stairs may be rented for an additional cost.

Our staging works well for raised seating, small bands, head table seating, and presentations.


We rent Yamaha STAGEPAS 600i Portable PA Systems which includes the mixing board and 2 speakers, corded microphone, microphone stand, speaker stands, mp3 player connector, and set-up. Generators may be rented for an additional cost. We will set-up and show you how to operate the system.

The Yamaha STAGEPAS 600i has the following specifications:

  • 680W (340W + 340W) power output
  • Detachable 10-channel mixer
  • USB  and/or headphone jack connection for mp3 player
  • one-knob master EQ with virtual bass boost