There are three weather-related reasons you rent an event tent: rain, wind, and sun. Sun? Yes, in Wyoming the summer & autumn sun can be brutal and a tent will provide needed shade and cooler temperatures for your guests. Many of our customers who use our tents on hot, sunny days have told us how grateful they were to have the cover!

“We got the tent because we were worried about rain or even snow in September in the mountains, but it ended up being a lifesaver from the hot, glaring sun. All the grandparents stayed safe and cool under the canopy. Thank you!” -Marci M., September 2016

There are a lot of other great reasons to rent an event tent as well. It will provide a more intimate space for your event. You can light & decorate a tent in ways that few other venues will allow. Large white tents can be spotted from a distance and will help your guests find your outdoor event. When lit at night, the white tent interior provides a far superior space for photographs than the outdoors. The list goes on.

We rent white pole and white frame tents in sizes that accommodate events ranging from two guests to three hundred guests. The type & size of tent you need will be determined by a number of factors like guest count, footprint location, and how you will use the tent. Tents erected within city limits have additional criteria for sizing. To learn more about renting a tent, keep reading below or simply contact us for free, no-obligation information about your event.


This is generally how we help customers determine their tent size need (it is based on fire code guidelines for temporary structures):

Furniture will be used (tables, chairs, etc)  Number of Guests x 15 = sq footage needed

Furniture will not be used (standing only)  Number of Guests x 9 = sq footage needed

This number is your starting point. If you are adding things like dance area, DJ space, buffet space, etc you may need to increase your square footage needs.


A pole tent is a more traditional tent, with interior poles that support the canopy of the tent. Pole tents have more dramatic ceilings and the poles allow for some unique decorating possibilities. They are more affordable compared to the frame tent, which makes them a popular choice for many. The interior poles must be taken into consideration when planning table layout and they can limit the size of your dance floor.

A frame tent uses an interior frame to support the canopy. It has a boxier look than the pole tent, especially from the inside. Frame tents are a pricier option. They offer a completely clear interior footprint, however, and are extremely versatile tents when it comes to canopy decor, as the frame can support more weight than a pole tent can.


To get the best pricing information on a tent rental for you specific event, please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.


It is advised that you secure your tent as soon as you have confirmed your venue and you have a good idea of how many guests you will have, and preferably no later than three months before your event. Our availability is limited and our most popular, affordable tents book up early for weekends in June-September.

We need at least one week to process your tent permit, so we do not take day-of or day-before orders. There may be an extra charge for tent orders made within two weeks of the event date.

Once you have decided you need some kind of tent for you event, you can follow this process to get pricing and availability from us:

  1. Contact us by email or phone 307-460-1314. We will discuss your event and rental needs and be able to give you a list of items we have available on your date at different price points.
  2. If you’d like to move forward with an official bid, we will prepare a written, itemized order for you to review. Order pricing is typically good for 30 days, although item availability is not guaranteed until you make a reservation.
  3. We will work with you to make any adjustments necessary to the order. Our goal is for you to reserve exactly what you need and what you want, and nothing more.
  4. We will do a site visit if we have not set up at your venue before. In some rare cases, we may not be able to accept the order after seeing the site (some places just aren’t meant to have tents!) or we may need to adjust your tent size or type (this is rare).

If you would like to proceed with reserving a tent from us:

  1. Once you have an order that you’re happy with and we’re familiar with your site, if you’d like to move forward with reserving your items from us, you simply need to sign the order form and our Rental Agreement and submit them with a 50% non-refundable deposit to guarantee your items. We accept checks, cash, and all major credit cards.
  2. Once we have your signed order form, agreement, and deposit, your items are reserved and guaranteed for your date. Your final balance is due upon delivery of your items.


As with all of our rental items, we require a 50% deposit at the time you reserve your tent. This deposit is item- and date-specific, it is not a damage deposit, and it cannot be transferred or refunded. The entire deposit is applied to the final balance of your order.

Because the Wyoming tent season is so short and because we do not have endless inventory, the deposit policy has become an important part of our business’s viability.

That said, we know it can be difficult for some customers to balance reserving the right size tent early enough to guarantee availability without knowing exactly what size tent they’ll need on event day. We will do our best to work with you to determine the best reservation order for your event. We have never had a customer forfeit their deposit or end up with more tent than they needed, however we have had many customers wait to reserve their tent only to find that we were completely booked for their weekend.


Our crew delivers and installs every tent we rent, ensuring you get the safest and most stress-free rental experience possible. We will set a delivery & set-up time with you at the time of the order.

Your delivery and strike times will be set when you make your reservation, but we try to be as flexible and accommodating as possible if your schedule changes as the event date gets closer. It is up to you to confirm that the venue is okay with this timeframe. If anything changes with your schedule after this agreement is signed, you simply need to contact us as soon as possible to let us know the conflict and we will adjust times (if possible) and we will sign a new schedule agreement.

Tent rentals are for up to three days, including set-up and strike days. However, if our reservation schedule allows we can leave the tent up for 4-6 days as a part of your rental. We prefer to set up tents the morning before the event’s start date. Afternoon set-ups are possible, but not preferable due to higher winds. We prefer to take down tents immediately after events (for events ending during the day) or the next morning.

We will deliver & set-up your tent on the agreed upon time. Your final balance is due upon delivery of tent items, we will not begin setting up your tent if you have not paid the full balance on your order. You may choose to pay your balance due prior to your event date.

Set-up can take between one to six hours, depending on tent size & type, weather, and extras like tables, chairs, lighting, etc. Our practice is to have tents up and ready hours before deadline. Someone will need to meet us at a pre-agreed upon time to review the installation and sign for the tent and rental items.

Tent striking (take-down) will take place upon the agreed upon time and usually takes about half the time of the install. Our practice is to have items removed hours before deadline.